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 This image began in late September while I was working the annual harvest here in Mendocino Co in an area on US 101 known as Spyrock.
  As I gazed out at the tree covered hill directly in front of me while taking a break, I noticed a large cluster of trees that had the shape of a giant bear-sitting upright, gazing at the sky.
  I began sketching and started to visualize and imagine an ancient, legendary guardian of the forest who rises each evening to roam and protect the wilderness and defend the true spirit of California.

 The hobbit in me was reminded of an Ent like version of Beorn . As Gandalf might say... 

  "He is known by many names but in the common tounge he is simply...Treebear. "

 His roar can be heard far and wide, just as the music of The Wood Brothers will be as they crush the first leg of their 2023 tour.

 As always, the redtails watch from on high as the dragonflies buzz the garden... under a brand new crescent moon. 

A perfect California evening.


“Not all those who wander are lost…”

The Wood Brothers' West Coast Tour 2023

18x24 silk screen print by Raw Paw Screenprints in Austin, TX

Limited edition 15 artist's proofs -signed and numbered 

All posters shipped in sturdy tube 

$ 50 each plus shipping


Big thanks to Kelly McDowell , Kevin Fish McDowell and On Tour Merchandise, RawPaw Prints and the band for this awesome opportunity.


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